Short Films and Parodies

Life Success Center & Summer Youth Employment Program

Marion Barry's Summer Youth Employment Program is a District of Columbia initiative, sponsored by the Department of Employment Services, which allows underprivileged youth residents to cultivate and develop interests in uniquely designed working environments. Teaming with Life Success Center, the six-week summer program introduced youth participants to film production, where they learned to script, plan, and shoot digital video, culminating with several short films.

Bodies Snatched

Made entirely through Zoom, Native D.C. youth (ages 14-15) address the coronavirus pandemic, racial inequality and social injustice, creatively highlighting its impacts on their community and personal lives. 

Family Over Everything

The Set Up


Love Triangle


Two Sides

No Questions Asked

Recovery Enforcement Unit

(Law and Order Parody Series)

Recovery Enforcement Unit


Chaos and Disorder

(Full Short Parody Film)

Chaos and Disorder 


Washinton Hilton

(Event Promo)

Raul Bilecky

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